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Cultivate is a women-owned wellness brand based in San Diego, California. Established in 2018, after countless hours of research, development, and working with high caliber individuals in the industry, our products bring together quality hemp extract, sourced from organic hemp, combined with superb ingredients. Our unprecedented commitment and desire to bring the best in hemp extract to our variety of products comes from a greater understanding of seeing the process from start to finish. Being passionate about what we put in and on our bodies is what drives our dedication to bringing amazing products to you. Welcome to Cultivate!

At Cultivate, we’re dedicated to delivering a trustworthy & reliable wellness experience through our products, earning the respect of our customers while maintaining compliance with industry partners.

Meet the Team

Gina Champion-Cain

CEO, Founder

Gina Champion-Cain is recognized as an innovative and groundbreaking leader. Since 1997, she has been revitalizing neighborhoods and bringing new life to businesses, fueled by a passionate dedication to the local community. Gina’s unique gift for inspiring people to take charge of their lives and realize their potential is based on her own years-long personal commitment to prioritizing wellness, which includes spending time with family and friends and her beloved dogs, exercising and enjoying the beach. After introducing hemp oil into her daily wellness regimen, Gina researched the market and recognized the need for trustworthy and reliable hemp-oil based products. Gina’s love for Southern California lifestyle is shared through her vision of bringing wellness products to her family, friends and community. And so, the seed for Cultivate was planted!

Traci Edwards

Senior Vice President, Special Projects

After initial conversations with Ms. Champion-Cain, Traci’s excitement with developing Cultivate was fueled by a desire to create a trustworthy and effective product! She was compelled to source high-quality ingredients from those with excellent standards and ultimately produce reliable products. This quest for ethical credible ingredients required Traci to hit the road. She wanted to see for herself the source of potential ingredients. She traveled to different Colorado farms to vet the cultivation, harvesting and processing of the hemp ingredients which would be used in Cultivate. The decision to work with the hemp farmers she selected is because of the caliber of their finalized ingredients and their farming practices. Her passion for this, shines through by her willingness to see and understand the process from seed to sale. Working closely with Gina, Traci said, “I have always been told that putting your feet in the dirt prior to making a decision is the best way to feel out your next move”. This learned knowledge was most pertinent to be put to the test, and so began the evolution of Cultivate.

Sherri Balzer

Director of Sales

Sherri has had the innate desire to choose natural and healthy options since childhood. Driven by living a holistic lifestyle, she is immersed in the wellness and natural products space. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Sherri loves to have her finger on the pulse of effective ingredients and products to support her lifestyle. She has a natural passion to share this information with those around her. When she decided to enter into the hemp-oil business, she researched many companies. She emphasized local San Diego brands as possibilities while networking with confidants and industry experts. When Traci and Sherri met, she saw the quality and vision of the company and was elated by the high standard of ingredients! After multiple meetings and market research, Ms. Balzer chose to join Cultivate as the Director of Sales. She is unrelenting in her pursuit to bring the best premium products to consumers, and believes that outstanding account service focused on education supports her mission in life to better society. Sherri is thrilled to build lasting relationships with her clients that will help Cultivate become weaved into each individual’s daily routine.

Michelle Schoser Davis

Director of Education & Operations

Michelle believes that blending creativity with both training and operational excellence really is a true art. As a professional makeup artist for over 20 years, Michelle’s versatility has allowed her to work the industry spectrum ranging from high-profile celebrity clients, television, production, fashion and more. She has a passion for quality skin care ingredients and the effect they can have on the appearance of the skin. She has garnered much of her business acumen while working in an executive role, collectively building the business of one of the largest cosmetics brands today. She has a multitude of experience in training, education, leading teams and corporate level to in store retail operations. Ms. Schoser Davis has joined Cultivate to make certain the best breed of products and formulations are developed and to deliver education and operational strategies. Michelle strives to bring her years of service and experience to Cultivate to ensure that our clients and consumers are knowledgeable with the Cultivate product portfolio.

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