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Q. What do I do if I need customer service or have questions that are not answered here?

We are glad to help with any questions you have.  Contact us here.

Q. What do I do if I have questions about shipping, returns etc?

Please refer to our Terms And Conditions page for further information.

Q. Is there any special way I need to store my products?

We recommend to follow expiration, shelf life and period after opening dates on your respective packaging. It is also suggested to store your product at room temperature, avoid drastic temperature flucuation and keep out of direct sunlight.

Q. What is the source of the hemp used for your products?

The hemp used for our products is organically grown in Colorado from highly vetted sustainable farms.

Q. What method is used for your hemp extracts?

All of our hemp extracts are derived by the CO2 extraction process which is the cleanest way of extracting the phytocannabinoids.

Q. What documentation is available about the source and quality of your products?

We take pride in the quality of our products and this extends to how our ingredients and hemp extracts are sourced. Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) and 3rd party test results for purity of our phytocannabinoids are available on our website under each product.

Q. How can your product be a THC-Free full spectrum when there is not .3% THC in it?

In the past months, people have started to differentiate the terminology of full spectrum vs broad spectrum. It is ambiguous and not standardized in the industry currently.

We use a chromotography process to separate and remove the THC while allowing the cannabinoids and terpenes to remain. We also use advanced technology such as molecular distillation and proprietary processes to increase potency while cleaning up the product. We have chosen to produce THC-Free products at this time.

Q. What type of phytocannabinoids do you use in your skin care?

We use organically grown hemp that is extracted into a water-soluble powder and a high quality hemp oil for our skin care line. The process of extraction is a proprietary formulation that has been designed for optimum bioavailability and maximum absorption.

Q. Will your products detect on a drug test?

Please use caution if you will be subject to drug screening. This product is THC Free, however it does contain a full spectrum of other phytocannabinoids. Due to the indeterminate nature of drug screening when it comes to other phytocannabinoids, this product may cause you to fail a drug test if that test screens for other cannabinoids.

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